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woman and man posing, outside office building, arms stretched out, pointing towards building.
HydrogenPro is relocating to Herøya Industrial Park
portrait of man, white helmet and goggles, production hall
Many people want to work in Nel's new production line at Herøya
two young women, posing, portrait, white helmets, industry
This year's summer interns will take on a highly relevant challenge
two men, personal protective equipement, posing, in front of test rig
Huge investment in new test rig at Herøya
four persons, posing, one arm each up in the air like high five
The world's largest and first green hydrogen plant starts production at Herøya in 2023
two persons, shaking hands, white helmets, process industry, outdoors
Welcomes the new site manager at INEOS Inovyn to Herøya
man and woman sitting by a monitor, business logo
Entrepreneurs impress world-leading companies
four young men, close together, apprentices
70 new apprentices will start their education at Herøya coming autumn. "They have a lot to look forward to!"
portrait of man, wearing glasses
All research projects can find a collaboration partner here
four people, work clothes, industry, outdoors, winter, posing.
Created new tools to improve fertiliser quality forever
group photo, participants at mini factory opening
Launching Innovation Hub Herøya with Norway's first digital mini-factory, MDF
portrait of man wearing white helmet and yellow working jacket
"The fact that the green shift is really taking off in our region leaves us in a squeez"
three persons, lab, white coats
Researchers team up with customers in the search for green global products
Portrait of man, helmet, outdoors, industry
Ammonium Bicarbonate from Addcon for seasonal baking
portrait of man in light blue shirt
Herøya Industripark is pushing for Norway to become a leader in local 5G networks