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Thor Medical establishes pilot facility at Herøya

Thor Medical ASA has signed an agreement to establish pilot facilities at Herøya and will commence the planning process this autumn. Now they are recruiting resources to develop and operate the facilities.
three men standing next to eachother, posing, wearing different shades of light blue shirts, key-card around their necks, standing near entrance gate to industrial park. Welcome to Herøya: from left, Skjalg Aasland, Director of Market and Business Development, welcomes Sindre Hassfjell, CTO, and Brede Ellingsæter, CFO, of Thor Medical ASA to Herøya.

Serial entrepreneur and now CEO of Thor Medical ASA, Alf Bjørseth, once again turns his attention to Herøya. He founded the ScanWafer/REC company, which had production facilities at Herøya from 2000 to 2012.

Now, Thor Medical wishes to establish a pilot facility at Herøya to test their technology, and are recruiting resources to develop and operate the facilities.

Herøya has the right infrastructure

Thor Medical ASA will move into Building 125 as REEtec relocates to begin full-scale production further east at Herøya.

The company believes that Herøya possesses the necessary infrastructure for their process. "Here, we have access to raw water and suitable areas, in addition to wanting to be close to REEtec, which is a leader in the same type of processes we are about to test," says Sindre Hassfjell, CTO of Thor Medical ASA.

"The plan is to start the pilot project already this autumn. The activity at Herøya will involve refining Thorium for cancer medicine."

Going forward, the primary focus will be to refine production technology, ensure customer qualification and commitments, mature the production concept, and secure regulatory approvals and permits for industrialisation.

Aims for full-scale production

"Thor Medical aims to make a final investment decision on an industrial-scale production facility in 2025. Such a facility could provide around 30 jobs," says Brede Ellingsæter, CFO.

Welcome to Herøya

Skjalg Aasland, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Herøya Industripark AS, extends a warm welcome to Thor Medical ASA.

"This demonstrates that the infrastructure and expertise at Herøya are highly attractive to new entrants. This establishment will be part of a long tradition of development and production of cancer-related drugs at Herøya. The development of cancer vaccines took place in the laboratories here as far back as the 1980s, and the production of another type of cancer medicine occurred on the site just a few years ago."

About Thor Medical ASA

Thor Medical is an emerging supplier of radionuclides, primarily alpha particle emitters, for medical use in cancer therapy. Its proprietary production technology requires no irradiation, and provides reliable, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient supply of alpha-emitters for the radiopharmaceutical industry.

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