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Organising HES Day Tuesday 23rd April

A number of companies in the industrial park are joining forces to organise HES Day on Tuesday, 23rd April.
three persons, posing, standing close together, wearing PPE, back against the industrial park Members of the HES-day committee: from left Dag Johansen, Addcon, Asgeir Bruseth, Bilfinger, and Preben Young, Yara.

Several of the largest companies at Herøya, along with Herøya Industripark AS, are coming together to host HES Day on Tuesday, 23rd April.

Local activities

Most major companies at Herøya will conduct their own local activities, with a focus on checking personal protective equipment - PPE.

"We encourage everyone to check their PPE on this day, especially the expiry date on the masks," says Dag Johansen from Addcon, Asgeir Bruseth from Bilfinger, and Preben Young from Yara, members of the organising committee.

PPE and emergency plan

Representatives from the organisers will be at certain gates in the morning, encouraging checks of PPE. "Also, make sure to review the workplace emergency plan and identify the assembly point in case of incidents," say the trio.

Take part in the quiz and win gift vouchers

Everyone is invited to participate in the quiz.

"The quiz opens for participation on Thursday, 18th April, and we hope many will join. Several companies have contributed gift vouchers, offering a great chance to win," says Preben Young from Yara.

"Check internal information within your company or scan the QR code for quiz participation located on posters in the industrial park from Monday morning, 22nd April. The quiz ends on 24th April at 23.00.

Lecture on stress management

Bedriftshelsen presents a lecture on Psychosocial Work Environment and Stress Management in the Auditorium in Building 25, from 10.00 to 11.00 in the morning. The lecture will be streamed. Attend in the Auditorium or contact your HES Manager for the event link.


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