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Proventia is an industrial incubator for helping to bring new and vigorous businesses to Telemark County.

Proventia is established in Herøya Industrial Park and is part of the SIVA incubator programme. The location at Herøya means that both incubator and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the personnel resources and skills in this traditional industrial environment and use them for further development.

Innovators and entrepreneurs can come to the incubator with an idea and receive support, advice, capital, networks and on-the-ground assistance, allowing them to develop their idea into a business which can grow over time.

Proventia's overall aims as an industrial incubator are to:

  • Help Telemark County to secure new and vigorous enterprises
  • Enhance value creation by identifying, developing and commercialising good ideas.

To achieve this, Proventia needs to:

  • Develop a reassuringly effective and efficient skills and support organisation
  • Ensure effective and well-qualified evaluation
  • Channel necessary resources to the companies
  • Develop spin-off projects in established businesses


Manager Jørn Roar Bamle
Phone: 0047 909 41 221