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ADDCON Nordic is owned by the German manufacturing company Addcon Group GmbH in Germany. ADDCON Group is owned by ESSECO Group Italia.

ADDCON Nordic at Herøya, Porsgrunn, is a part of ADDCON Group, which has its headquarters and factories in Bitterfeld.

At the production facilities at Herøya, ADDCON Nordic produces a range of specialty products based on organic acids and their salts, with formate-based products as a specialty.

ADDCON Nordic employs 60 people in Porsgrunn and has an annual turnover of 500 - 600 million Norwegian kroner.

Key products for direct sales include:

  • Formi KDF - Feed additives (organic feed supplements for use in pig feed).
  • Formi NDF - Feed additives (organic feed supplements for poultry feed).
  • AVIFORM - De-icing fluid for airports.
  • VIAFORM - De-icing fluid for open areas, artificial turf fields, bike paths, etc.
  • Petroform PF97/75 - Drilling fluid for use in the oil industry.
  • GrasAAT - Silage additives for grass/agriculture.
  • FishForm - Preservative for fish by-products.
  • ENSILOX - Silage additives for fish by-products/fish waste.
  • HyCOOL - Coolant for use in indirect cooling systems.


ADDCON Nordic also sells formic acid, potassium hydroxide, hypochlorite, and more.

In addition they produce ammonium bicarbonate, a leavening agent, baking powder, for cookies. The product is based on ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water.


Per Ove Jakobsen
Phone: +47 986 17 086

Øyvind Oskarsen Due
Phone: +47 482 69 148

Production manager:
Jan Liane
Phone: +47 35 56 41 00

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